Friday, June 5, 2009

Case Studies

- Case Study One

In 1976, ex-Beatle George Harrison was found guilty of copyright infringement for his hit single, "My Sweet Lord." Bright Tunes Music Corporation had obtained the copyright for the 1963 hit, "He's So Fine," which was written by Ronald Mack and originally performed by The Chiffons. Did George Harrison borrow his musical ideas from Mack's hit song?

I listened to the songs and came up with the following outcomes:
Rating System: Barely the same
Harmony: barely the same
Rythym: Very Similar
Lyrics: Somewhat alike
Instruments: Barely the same

The two songs both have similar back up singers, vocals, layout of lyrics and they are both about the same subject.
On the other hand the womans vocals are very different, "hes so fine".

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